LC SA Book Campaign

We already have donations to cover 18509, so we just need another 2491 books (£4/book).

Your donation will be used solely for purchasing books for the LC program in Soweto schools (in SA this is a PBO tax-deductible donation).

Please donate generously, and THANK YOU!

Book Campaign UPDATE

To our donors, Thank You for your deeply appreciated support!

a) Your contribution has helped us demonstrate to the world,
that we are scalable, to truly build a loving world (intellectually,
emotionally and practically).
See Loving Classroom – From the UK to South Africa and the World

b) Your contribution has helped make an enormous difference: building a loving life for 21,000 youth, their teachers and families in South Africa.
See Thank You from Loving Classroom South Africa
See Loving Classroom - South Africa Report - 2019 for a full report.

In brief, using the Loving Classroom book and locally-trained teachers,
over a six-month period in seven Soweto schools, here's what happened:

In 2020 LC SA is training teachers in 58 schools to teach Loving Classroom to 21,000 students. This is part of a 3-year pilot program, which if successful, will culminate in government adoption into the national curriculum and funding of Loving Classroom.

Until that point, Loving Classroom South Africa has to pay for the printing of 21,000 text books and staff training.